Activities for Children

2018 Activity Schedule

9:30-10:30 a.m.: Story-time Nature Walk
10:45 -11:30 a.m.: Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation Program
11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Recycle Relay Races
1-1:50 p.m.: Youth Power Indiana
2-2:45 p.m.: Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation Program

All day children’s activities:
Visit with Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation
Name that Veggie Game
Eco-footprint Quiz
Nature Scavenger Hunt

Story-time Nature Walk: Do you love to explore? Can you use your imagination? Join us for story-time nature walk and step outside for an exciting adventure! With friends, a good book, and our five senses, we’ll discover the captivating natural world just steps away from our own front door.

Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation Program: Have you ever wanted to help a wild animal? Meet some of their furry and feathered patients of the wildlife rescuers from Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation. Learn about the exciting job of animal rescue alongside lessons in ecology, conservation, and safety.

Recycle Relay Races: Do you know your trash from your recyclables? Take the Recycle Relay Challenge. Teams will race to identify items as recyclables, trash, or compost.

Name that Veggie: Test your food literacy! Spin the wheel to see what you know about your fruits and veggies. Answer three questions correctly and win a prize!

Eco-Footprint Quiz: How green is your lifestyle? Take the eco-footprint quiz to find out! This calculator tabulates lifestyle habits to determine how many “earths” it would take support your lifestyle if everyone on the planet lived just like you. Are you conserving resources or using more than your share?

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Take a walk through Minnetrista’s gardens and experience the natural world through the five senses. For kids and kids at heart!