Activities for Children

Kids and families will have lots of opportunities to explore nature, recycling/upcycling, and more. Check back later for more information.

Check out some of our previous children’s activities in the meantime:

2016 Activities

Ocean Clean Up: Have you ever wondered what it takes to clean up the ocean? In this interactive activity, discover how waste enters our ocean ecosystems, and try your hand at cleaning up the pollution. Spoiler alert – prevention is key!
Water Filter Challenge: Where does our water come from? What happens before it comes out of our tap? In this water filter challenge, you become the scientist as you design and build a water filter using a variety of materials. Which designs work best? How can we keep our water clean?
Read to a Pet: Read a book to a four-legged friend from the Muncie Animal Shelter. Choose a free book from our gently used children’s collection and then spend time with rescued animals. Experts from the Muncie Animal Shelter will be present to discuss animal welfare, care and adoption. Participants also will learn why it’s important to appropriately dispose of pet waste. Whether participants read just a few pages or the whole book, they can take home the used book (while supplies last!).
Upcycled Planter: Create a beautiful self-watering planter using recycled materials. Then plant an herb in your new container to take home. After you leave the fair, continue to think about what else you can upcycle. This event will have only 2 sessions at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

2015 Activities

Glove Garden: Learn how plants grow! Children can plant 5 seeds in the fingers of a glove. Watch as the plants develop.
Sun Catchers from Nature: Nature can be an inspiration for creative play. Collect decorative natural objects and create a sun catcher that shows the beauty of the outdoors.
Paula Henry’s Southdown Sheep: Meet Paula and her Southdown sheep! Ask questions about her sheep raising business, and meet friendly members of her herd.
Muddy Pigs: Imagine the life of a pig on a farm. Learn about animals and paint a pig with coffee paint “mud” to cool him off.
Sheep Shearing: You are a sheep farmer! Create a “sheep” from a balloon and shear her shaving cream “wool.”
Help build our river of fish: With help from the Ball State Clay Guild, kids are invited to create their own clay fish!

2014 Activities

Erosion Table: Dig into a trough full of sand to make waterways and experience the impact of erosion on our land!
Make your own Play-doh:
Learn how to make your own Play-doh out of everyday, natural materials found in the kitchen!
Recycling scramble: Learn about the importance of recycling and which materials are recyclable. The object of the game is to sort a pile of materials into the recyclable and non-recyclable bins. Each child who correctly sorts the materials into the corresponding bins wins a small prize!
How water pollution moves: Learn and see how water pollution moves and affects the environment, through this interactive demonstration model.
Help build our river of fish: With help from the Ball State Clay Guild, kids are invited to create their own clay fish!